Given the importance of modern day education, no one wants his or her child to receive a substandard education. We all want our children to get the best of the best, pass well in their exams and have a bright future. In the United States, the public sector mainly provides the basic education. However, in the recent past, things have started to take a different turn. Many parents are preferring private and charter schools over the government schools. Here is a look at the reasons behind growing popularity of private and charter schools in the United States

One of the major reason behind this shift is the individual attention given to children in charter schools. Privately-owned pre-schools and private elementary schools have a small student population compared to their counterparts in the public system. This is also the case with private independent high schools.


A favorable student population ratio in private schools provides a suitable environment for pervasive and personal development. The student-teacher ratio is usually small, and this allows the teacher to offer every student some crucial individual attention. The schools also nurture an enhanced cooperative environment between kids and their parents. Parents and teachers are the most influential entities in the growth and development of a child. It is only logical that they should be brought together. Private schools are able to achieve this important aspect.

Private schools are superior in academics. State or federal government do not fund private and charter schools. Consequently, they are never affected by budget cuts that and austerity measures that have become a common occurrence nowadays due to the dire economic situation. Public schools with better test scores are usually given more public funds than the ones with lower scores. This scenario makes teachers and administrators in public schools to put more emphasis on test scores rather than a holistic, inclusive learning. Private schools teach everything that is crucial to the development of children regardless of the test scores. Teaching is more interactive and extracurricular activities are highly encouraged.classroom

Private and charter schools also attract high-quality teaching staff than their counterparts. Private schools are under no obligation to follow any predetermined salary structure for teachers from the state or the federal government. Consequently, they can attract talented and experienced tutors by offering competitive pay packages. Your child can benefit a lot from these highly-motivated teachers, who are always ready to give their best to see your child succeed.

Private schools also offer better and conducive learning environment over their counterparts. They embrace the latest technology in their teaching and gives more attention to under-performing children providing special extra classes for them. They are also good in marketing and promoting their schools attracting the best teaching and non-teaching staff. They recruit and sponsor bright and needy students and have a competitive entry into their schools as compared to their counterparts in the public schools. They insure that only the best students get admission into their schools.

The private and charters schools don’t follow the same legislation as public schools and can often recruit students that are looking for classes not offered in public schools and can even offer scholarships to help students who might not have the money financially to attend such as school. The requirement of students has grown over the years throughout the use of the internet and graphics images found throughout malls such as banner stands, banners, and kiosk ads that are designed to¬† attract the kids attention. They also target parents with the offering of a better education for their children.

Getting your child to a private school can be very intimidating. You need to prepare yourself properly to avoid any lingering doubts that you may have. Many people have a mistaken belief that private schooling is unattainable for their kids. The monetary costs are commensurate with the standard of education and upbringing.